BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions? broadcast live from Westerton

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Westerton played host to BBC Radio 4’s flagship political panel programme, Any Questions? recently.

Presenter Jonathan Dimbleby introduced the programme by describing Westerton as “a philanthropic venture 100 years ago: a garden suburb for Glasgow.”

He said: “Its purpose, in the words of its prospectus was ‘to see a system of housing arise in our midst which makes for better health and improved moral and social conditions’.”

Local councillors in the audience were, without warning, put under the spotlight by the pre-broadcast warm up man, BBC Scotland’s head of news John Boothman and the audience in Westerton Parish Church had emphatically identified school mergers as the local hot topic.

Labour councillor Manjinder Shergill and SNP councillor Keith Small spoke on this to the 300-strong, lively audience.

The panel included deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottis Labour leader Johann Lamont and Tory leader Ruth Davidson.

Centenary celebration organiser Kim Kilgour said: “Our minister Dr Christine Goldie and her congregation have made Westerton proud. Their efficient organisation and warm welcome made for an excellent BBC broadcast event that helped put Westerton on the map.”

According to a tweet from audience member Mark MacDonald, the biggest cheer of the night from the packed church was when Jonathan Dimbley finally managed to pronounce Bearsden correctly.

The church was decorated beautifully with flowers and elegant hand-crafted remembrance banners. There was also acclaim for a creative historical display by Alasdair Ewen, convenor of the Westerton Garden suburb committee.