Bat roosts delay work on visitor centre

A pipistrelle bat
A pipistrelle bat

Work on a new visitor centre at Mugdock Country Park has been delayed because of bats roosting in the building.

The new visitor centre is being created in a cottage that used to be a classroom and storeroom, but two bat roosts have been found inside the building.

They are maternal Pipistrelle bat roosts where the young bats are raised, and are only used during the summer months.

It’s estimated that between 500 and 600 hundreds bats will be roosting in the building over the summer months.

Councillor Eric Gotts, chair of the Mugdock Park Joint Management Committee, said: “The buildings at Mugdock Country Park have bat roosts which are monitored on an on-going basis by the Countryside Ranger Service.

“Any redevelopments have taken care not to disturb the roosts. This has meant a slight delay in the timing of building works.

“The new visitor centre is nearing completion and is due to open this summer.

“Bats are an important feature of the park and the countryside rangers hold educational events for the public about them.

“Bats hibernate over winter and start becoming active again in spring.”

Pipistrelles are the most common bat in Scotland and they are very small, weighing the equivalent of a two pence piece.