Balmore residents tackle speeding

Craigmaddie Road
Craigmaddie Road

Residents in Balmore are taking action to combat the problem of cars speeding through their village by taking part in a road safety campaign.

Baldernock Community Council is going to take part in the campaign being organised by road safety charity BRAKE from November 18 to 24.

Jane Logan, chairperson of Baldernock Community Council, said: “Residents have been concerned about how fast some cars travel through the village for over 30 years.

“Craigmaddie Road will be the focus of our campaign as it is a major commuter route from Strathblane Road and Balmore Road, and is heavily used morning and evening.

“The road is very narrow in parts with numerous sharp bends and many drivers do not appreciate the hazards and drive far too fast for the conditions.

“Add to that the potential hazard posed by cyclists, walkers and even livestock on the road and it’s clearly an accident waiting to happen.

“The police are very supportive of our campaign and we’d urge people to slow down.”

Parents of Baldernock Primary pupils have also voiced concerns as the school bus uses this road.

The council has been approached many times in the past with a request for a 30MPH speed limit however this has always been refused.

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, said: “The council fully supports the BRAKE campaign and would advise road users to take heed of this year’s campaign, ‘Tuning into Road Safety’. Within East Dunbartonshire we have a large number of rural roads and we would urge motorists to drive within speed limits and take into account levels of visibility and weather conditions.

“To improve Baldernock Primary School pupils safety we have installed an enforceable flashing 20 mph speed restriction before school, during lunch time and after school. We appeal to motorists to adhere to the timed speeding restrictions and take care when driving past the school.”