Balfron High hosts Olympic games!

BALFRON High School pupils attended an opening ceremony recently for Balfron’s cross-curriculur version of the Olympic Games.

All the S2 pupils went along to hear a speech from ex-Olympic swimmer Todd Cooper, watch a video of Balfron’s Olympic torch relay and a live draw to determine which class will become which country and a flag presentation.

This week S2 classes are following a revised timetable in which they will remain in registration sets.

They will visit every subject within school at least once to develop their knowledge of the specific country.

At the end of the programme, they will hold their own closing ceremony to give pupils the opportunity to perform presentations to an audience of peers.

The presentation is the culmination of all that they learned and experienced throughout the previous four days.

To allow the pupils time to complete the presentations the closing ceremony will take place on Friday afternoon.

The project will be based around the London 2012 Olympic games and if successful will provide a blue print for future cross-curricular themes.

Such a large scale cross-curricular task has never been co-ordinated in the school before and so it is an exciting project to be involved in and the staff are enthusiastic about it.

Pictured here are S2 pupils and S6 head boy, Bruce Taylor, as the torch bearer, Todd Cooper (left) and Graeme Watcon PE Teacher and organiser of the BHS Olympic event (on the right).