Bad weather prevented Milngavie traffic light repair

Woodburn Way traffic lights.
Woodburn Way traffic lights.

A broken set of traffic lights in Milngavie could not be fixed because the council workers had to go and grit the roads instead.

Residents have been concerned for nearly a month that there will be an accident at this junction on Woodburn Way, at the entrance to Tesco, as it is very busy.

The traffic lights have been out of use several times since December 30.

Penny McElhinney, from Bardowie, said: “They are not working again. How many times is this going to happen?

“I’m surprised the council didn’t sort this out straightaway as it’s a busy junction and visibility from the road out of Tesco is not great when turning right.”

An underground cable, which controls the lights, caused the fault which was initially fixed by the council’s roads team and Siemens Mobility Solutions. However, there was still a problem with the cables and work had begun to replace these but had to be halted due to the cold weather.

This is because the same teams work on digging the roads as well as gritting them, so priority had to be given to gritting duties over the last few weeks.

Grace Irvine, Director of Neighbourhood Services said: “The weather is now showing signs of improving, so we hope to start work on this project soon, with completion within three weeks if the weather conditions allow.”