Backing for World Aids Day

MP JO Swinson leant her support to activists from the Stop AIDS Campaign at an event held to mark World Aids Day.

She discussed the progress made in tackling the HIV epidemic with around eight million people now accessing medical treatment.

Furthermore, AIDS-related deaths have declined from 2.2 million in the mid-2000s to 1.8 million in 2010.

Ms Swinson also listened to campaigners who spoke of what is still needed to provide help to the 7.6 million people who still do not have the life-saving medication they need.

Speaking after the event, Ms Swinson said: “It is critical that investment in HIV and AIDS is sustained so we can save millions of lives.

“This is why I support World AIDS Day and campaigns to fight the disease throughout the year.

Lotti Rutter, of the Stop AIDS Campaign, said: “We have come so far, and we also have a unique opportunity now to see the epidemic sent into decline by the end of the decade. That’s why we need a UK blueprint for the AIDS response.

“The UK needs to demonstrate its commitment, and map out exactly how it will scale up the right investment and ensure all people living with HIV, including the 100,000 people living with HIV here in the UK, are reached with the services they need.”