Author Allan wows Milngavie festival crowd

Allan Wilson
Allan Wilson

A BEARSDEN teacher gave audiences a sneak preview of his new book at Milngavie’s Book and Arts Festival.

Allan Wilson’s collection of short stories called Wasted In Love, looks at the ups and downs of being in love.

The author (27) is an English teacher at Barrhead High and said his passion for writing began in Bearsden’s Brookwood Library while he was at school.

He said: “I liked the booths and the old books that taught the history of the area.”

Whilst attending Stirling University Allan, left, began to write fiction and found that not only was he good at it, he really loved writing.

He added: “I was alerted to a new anthology of Scottish Fiction that was to be published called The Year of the Open Doors. I looked into it and the publishers were talking about wanting to create a book in the mould of Lean Tales and The Children of Albion Rovers. I love those books.

“They were accepting open submissions in order to ‘unearth new undiscovered talent.”

I was selected from this. The book came out in August 2010 and since then writing in Scotland seems to have taken a turn for the better. People really seem excited about Scottish fiction.”

Allan was then approached by Cargo Publishing and offered a deal to bring out a short story collection. Allan jumped at the chance and Wasted In Love, will be published on October 11.

It will be available in Milngavie Bookshop priced £11.99.