Athlete Gary’s going for Goldie

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Gary Goldie.jpeg

BEARSDEN athlete Gary Goldie will cycle from Edinburgh to London next week in aid of Help for Heroes.

The 25-year-old is heading south as a volunteer for the Paralympic Games and took the opportunity to raise a little extra money for a cause so closely linked to the event.

Gary (right), who works as a personal trainer in the west end of Glasgow, will ride over 400 miles in three days to benefit an organisation which has helped many of the Paralympic athletes.

The former Bearsden Academy pupil said: “I felt that Help for Heroes was such an appropriate cause considering so many of the Paralympic athletes are ex-service men and women.

“And now that they are representing us at the London Games, I was certain they were the most fitting charity.

“I had been watching the Olympics and I really wanted to be a part of the atmosphere.

“And hopefully, there will be many others who have been inspired by the event to get out and take part in some sport.”

Gary’s epic journey starts with a gruelling 15-hour ride along the east coast of Scotland and England before an overnight stop in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

From there, he will tackle a 150-mile stretch through the heart of the English midlands befire hitting the town of St Neots, just outside Cambridge.

The final leg will see the remaining 65 miles all the way to the footsteps of the games at the Olympic Stadium in London.

Gary said: “Some have told I’m bonkers to riding 200 miles on the first day and that I should space it out over five days, but this way is more of a challenge and that’s really more in the spirit of the games.

“It should be a terrific experience and I would just like to thank all those who have contributed already to the cause and all those have been shown their support.”

The whole journey will take around 35 hours and is likely to be one of Gary’s most enduring challenges.

Gary’s mum Katrina has watched on as he tackles run after run, earning himself the nickname of Bear Grylls — after the daredevil explorer.

She said: “He’s always been a very active lad, always involved in running and is always looking to raise funds for a worthy cause.

“He also works as a personal trainer so it’s no surprise that his friends call him Bear Grylls.

“He’s not like his mum, that’s for sure. To me a train to London sounds like a better idea but not to Gary.

“We’re all so proud of him and everything he has done for so many charities over the years — the whole family is right behind him and we all wish him the best of luck.”

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