Artists explore theme of being alone

Solitude exhibition at The Lillie Art Gallery
Solitude exhibition at The Lillie Art Gallery

A new exhibition at The Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie called ‘Solitude’ brings together work by contemporary visual artists and close friends Laura Kiddie and Rebecca Scott for the first time.

Drawing on themes of seclusion and remoteness, they have explored the lifestyle and mindset associated with their individual artistic practice.

The time spent alone by the artist can be both a tranquil luxury and a solitary quest for progression - requiring self-discipline and belief.

Having shared a studio for a year (2014-15), the friends continue to be avid supporters of each other. Both artists grew up in small towns, Kiddie in Yorkshire and Scott in North Ayrshire - currently working in Glasgow as full-time artists.

They have worked both independently and collaboratively to produce a collection of new artworks.

Kiddie primarily works as an oil painter, but also employs conte, ink and assemblage.

Scott is a mixed media artist and printmaker utilising experimental techniques and combinations. Both

artists are particularly drawn to figurative subject matter, expression of personal experiences and musing on the human condition.

This exhibition aims to give visitors the opportunity to gain insight into the life of an artist and includes the installation of an artist’s studio, which will be an interactive space with demonstrations.

Workshops will also provide a chance for visitors to try their hand at artistic techniques used by the artists. (Please contact the gallery for further details tel: 0141 956 5536).

The exhibition ends on June 29.