Appeal to the people of Milngavie to attend an important meeting

Milngavie precinct'1/8/12'Photo Emma Mitchell
Milngavie precinct'1/8/12'Photo Emma Mitchell
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This could be the beginning of an exciting future for Milngavie if enough people go along to a meeting which is going to be held in The Fraser Centre on Monday, June 17.

One of the organisers of the event, Callum Christie, a member of Milngavie Community Council, hopes that there will be a good turnout as he believes that Milngavie has a lot to offer and that it’s time that everyone got together to ensure a secure future for the town.

He said: “There’s a general feeling that there’s so many challenges and potential changes in the pipeline for Milngavie and that it’s difficult to know how to react and how to start initiatives without having some sort of plan for the future of Milngavie.

“We don’t have a crystal ball but a good starting point is to hold talks with people from the community to find out what they like about Milngavie and how they think it could be better.

“Then at least we could decide what we want and don’t want.

“We will work alongside the BIDS (Business Improvement Districts) for Milngavie town centre and other organisations such as Milngavie In Bloom, Milngavie Community Council and the town centre steering group.”

The meeting will be chaired by outside facilitators who both have years of experience in town planning and architecture - Nick Wright of Nick Wright Planning and Richard Heggie who runs Urban Animation.

Callum added: “Essentially this meeting will give local groups as well as ordinary members of the public a chance to come and have their say and air their concerns about anything that worries them.

“For example people are also fed up about a lack of fit for use outdoor recreation areas in Milngavie - Oakburn Park cannot be used for playing football at the moment because of a lack of drainage.”

The new Waitrose and Tesco’s now-shelved plans to expand have also caused some people to voice concerns.

Callum added: “This event is about taking the first step to a brighter future for Milngavie.

“We don’t know what will come out of it but that’s what’s so exciting - we hope it will be the start of something bigger.

“It’s for anyone who lives or works in Milngavie or has an interest in the town.

“So please take this opportunity to share your thoughts with us and help us create one voice for the community which brings together people’s experience, enthusiasm and expertise.”

The meeting will be in the Fraser Centre on Monday, June 17 at 7.30pm.