‘Anti-terror’ fences at Milngavie’s reservoirs hauled down

'Anti Terror' fences being taken down at the reservoir'Photo Emma Mitchell'21/11/12
'Anti Terror' fences being taken down at the reservoir'Photo Emma Mitchell'21/11/12

WORK started this week to remove controversial anti-terror fences at Milngavie’s reservoirs.

The barriers were erected on Home Office orders after the 9/11 attacks in the US in order to prevent terrorists contaminating local water supplies.

However, the fences at Mugdock and Craigmaddie reservoirs have been condemned ever since as inneffectual and damned as an eyesore at the beauty spot, which is popular with walkers and joggers.

Scottish Water has now announced they will finally be pulled down, though some sections are to be retained around certain structures for operational reasons and for the protection and safety of visitors.

Mark Maclaren, Scottish Water’s regional community manager, said: “We are very pleased to be able to carry out this work to remove the stretches of fencing that are no longer required.

“The area is very popular with local residents, who use it for recreational purposes such as walking, jogging and cycling, and we are sure that the removal of much of the fencing will make the area even more pleasant for locals and visitors.”

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson has welcomed the start of the work.

She said: “I have liaised with Scottish Water on this matter for years and I’m delighted that they are starting this work to take down the security fences around parts of the reservoirs and the old water treatment works.

“This will restore the picturesque views around a very popular location and I’m sure that it will be welcomed by everyone who enjoys visiting the area.”

Scottish Water has received Listed Building Consent for the fence removal work from East Dunbartonshire Council.

Consent was required because some of the former water treatment works buildings are A-Listed structures.

The work is expected to take several weeks to complete and access to some stretches of public footpaths will be temporarily restricted to allow the work to be carried out safely.

Scottish Water held an information event at Milngavie Town Hall to allow interested parties to meet the project team, view plans and ask questions about the fence removal work.