Angry residents call for playpark clean-up

Lennox Park, Milngavie
Lennox Park, Milngavie

Residents have slammed council chiefs over a recent claim that they ‘have not received any complaints’ about Lennox Park in Milngavie.

The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald recently reported that people were worried that a child or animal would be injured because yobs are smashing glass bottles in the park.

Shards of glass were scattered in several areas of the park where children play and people walk their dogs.

In our previous story Ann Davie, director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s Customer Services and Transformation, said they had not received any complaints regarding Lennox Park.

She also said that now they were aware of the problem community wardens would visit the park to assess the area and any broken glass and litter would be removed.

However, Hugh Christie, from Afton Crescent in Bearsden, says he reported problems after a visit with his granddaughter in August this year.

He completed a complaint form on EDC’s website to report broken glass as well as overflowing bins, and paper strewn everywhere.

He said; “Frankly I was shocked, it was a disgrace.

“I felt so stringly about it that I had to do something.

“My complaint was logged and I received a reference number.

“So why is the council saying they’ve received no complaints?”

And a Milngavie man, who asked not to be named, has said he’s been complaining about the state of the park for over five years.

He has written to the council, the police and local councillors.

He said: “The play area in Lennox Park is covered in broken glass.

“You’d be shocked at the amount of litter there, especially on a Saturday morning.

“It’s often strewn with empty beer cans and vodka bottles, soft drink cans, portable barbecues, cigarette packets and lighters.

“So far I have not been aware of any improvement despite several complaints - it’s like banging your head off a brick wall.”

Ann Davie, director of customer service and transformation said: “Upon further investigation we confirm that Mr Christie did make a request via our website. We apologise for any confusion.

“Mr Christie’s request was actioned the following day. Litter pickers were sent to the park on September 18 and cleared up the glass and litter.

“They are also monitoring the area and visiting twice a week to ensure the area is clear of rubbish.”