Anger over prospect of housing on golf course

19-05-2015'Bearsden Golf Club.'Picture Paul McSherry.
19-05-2015'Bearsden Golf Club.'Picture Paul McSherry.

Residents have slammed a council proposal which would allow housing to be built on land owned by Bearsden 
Golf Club.

The site is included in East Dunbartonshire Council’s proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) for housing, which is currently out for consultation until May 27.

Locals have discovered that a developer has expressed an interest in building 40 houses on the land, which is currently greenbelt.

Garscadden Woods, an area of diverse wildlife is on one boundary of the golf course, and the historic Roman Antonine Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is also on the boundary within 400 metres.

Dr Gill Constable, of Southview Grove, said: “Many local people are not aware of the proposed development and the opportunity to raise objections.

“One local resident has distributed leaflets to 180 households to inform people as the council only wrote to householders within 20 metres of the proposed development.

“This housing development is in opposition to all the council’s commitments to enhance and sustain the quality of life for local people.

“Traffic would significantly increase on Thorn Road, by at least 80 cars.

“The current congestion around Castlehill Primary School would get worse, as well as air pollution, especially for children.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration, said: “It’s important to stress that the Proposed LDP is currently subject to a representation period which provides an opportunity for stakeholders and communities to comment. The plan has therefore not yet been adopted.

“No planning application has been submitted as regards the site.

“East Dunbartonshire’s LDP – when it is adopted – will guide the future use of land, set out proposals for development and provide the framework for dealing with planning applications.

“The Proposed LDP has been approved by elected members, following an extensive consultation process focused on the Main Issues Report (MIR) and 2013 additional sites- which played a crucial role in the production of the proposed plan.”

The proposed local development plan is available to view on the council website, at community hubs and libraries.

Comments must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday, May 27.