Anger over moor ‘destruction’

This shows the damage to trees and vegetation on Barloch Moor
This shows the damage to trees and vegetation on Barloch Moor

Residents claim that work to replace a footbridge and paths in Barloch Moor, Milngavie, has damaged an old stone wall, paths, kerbs and trees.

Neighbours say they saw a large excavator being off-loaded on Mugdock Road and then positioned on Barloch Moor on Sunday, October 8 at about 9am.

Robin Brown, a Milngavie resident, said: “It gained access in a heavy handed manner via the south entrance which resulted in wanton demolition of the stone boundary wall and carefree desecration of some trees.

“The method of operation was totally inappropriate for this sensitive location.

“The 15 tonne machine seems grossly over-sized for the works.

“Furthermore, if the works are left uncontrolled and unsupervised what additional excessive damage to the moors will ensue?

“Paths, kerbing, edging, trees and vegetation have all been damaged in this ten minute frenzy so far.”

“It is ironic that the council was concerned previously about protecting tiny insects on this moor on advice from its biodiversity officer, and yet thrashes the trees and crushes the 100 year old boundary wall in an act of uncontrolled mechanical destruction.”

Mr Brown has emailed councillors and council officials to request an immediate investigation into the matter to ‘arrange for adequate supervision of all future works to prevent such vandalism’.

Paul Curran, strategic lead - neighbourhood services, said: “The council’s contractors are currently on site at Barloch Moor carrying out work to replace two footbridges and improvements to the adjacent paths.

“In order to access the area a section of the masonry wall had to be taken down. A further section of the wall is also in need of repair, and this will be taken down and the entire wall rebuilt to an improved standard once the installation of the footbridges is complete.

“Unfortunately, some damage was done to trees while the equipment required to complete the project was being offloaded. This was a very regrettable incident and council officers have been to the site to assess the full scale of the damage caused.

“The council has reminded the contractor that all further removal of branches to facilitate access must be carried out in an approved manner and will ensure they address the damage to the trees once all work is completed.”