Anger over icy pavements

Baljaffray Road, Bearsden.
Baljaffray Road, Bearsden.

The council has been accused of putting local people, especially children and the elderly, in danger due to a lack of grit on roads and pavements.

We were inundated with comments from people on our Facebook page this week after we asked how residents were coping with getting around in the sub-zero temperatures.

Amy Galbraith said: “The lanes off Grampian Way to Baljaffray Primary School are treacherous. So many pavements in Baljaffray are horrendous.

“Pedestrians are choosing between walking on the roads and placing themselves at risk or walking on pavements and placing themselves at risk.”

Lisa Bridges said: “The footpath from Farmfoods to Baljaffray Primary School has not been gritted and the kids and adults were slipping everywhere. It was dangerous.”

Kerenza Evans said: “Milngavie Road opposite Asda in Bearsden is lethal, we helped an old man across on Tuesday morning. No grit there at all.”

Joanne Hennessy said: “The pavements on Mosshead Road are treacherous and haven’t been touched. Kids and parents are having to walk to school on the road and stop for cars.”

Cheryl Anne King said: “Forth Road in Bearsden, in particular the cul-de-sac, is bad. I saw an elderly lady trying to go down to Spey Road shops with a walking stick and trolley. She didn’t stand a chance as she would have needed to go down either Canniesburn Road or Kinglass (both hills). So I got her shopping for her.”

Heather Gilchrist said: “Kilmardinny Grove and Thomson Drive are a nightmare. I’m too scared to walk to Hillfoot train station or Bearsden Cross!”

Lu Nicoll said: “The pavements and roads around Craigton and Tambowie Avenues in Milngavie haven’t been gritted at all and are lethal.

“I use crutches to walk and I’m too frightened to leave my house, even walking to my car is dangerous. I have brittle bones so I’m terrified of falling on the sheet ice outside my home.”

Keith Scrimgeour, East Dunbartonshire Council’s neighbourhood network manager, said: “We currently have seven squads out gritting pavements in East Dunbartonshire. It’s our policy to grit one side of the road only and we have priority pavements which we treat first, before moving onto the secondary ones when resources allow. Our teams are also re-filling grit bins to allow residents to treat roads, pavements and driveways.

“In Ashburn Gardens, the road and pavement have been gritted, Greenhead Road has also been treated. The pavement there is not a priority route and we are working round these ones at the moment. Grampian Way, up to Baljaffray Primary has been gritted several times since Friday and will continue to be treated while this cold snap continues.”