Anger from locals about A81 roadworks

A81 roadworks causing anger in community
A81 roadworks causing anger in community

Locals are concerned that changes being made to the A81 will increase traffic jams in the area - and may even force people to move away.

The Bears Way project is being carried out by East Dunbartonshire Council with funding from Strathclyde Passenger Transport and Sustrans.

It will create two-way, segregated cycle facilities with associated road traffic orders.

However we have been flooded with comments on our facebook page about the roadworks.

David Urquhart said: “It’s ridiculous, a busy road has been made even more congested by silly pointless councillors, bus stops right on road with no manoeuvre to pass , cyclists passing two ways on one side of the road.

“It’s a total farce.”

Nick Burrows said: “It will be bumper to bumper every day from now on folks, total crazy planning.

“Who ever passed this should have the guts to stand up and explain how he thought this is gonna work.”

Donald Stevenson said: “Looks like the council have created more problems for the residents and roadusers at considerable expense.

“The road was working fine before this. It appears that improved cycle lanes are taking priority.”

Fiona Gibb said: “What a ridiculous waste of money in causing a total traffic jam for motorists.

“Walked this route on Thursday and only saw one cyclist.

“In school holidays they will be working in Bearsden and this is the published diversion for through traffic.Better all start taking bikes.”

Jo Gilmour said: “Can guarantee those who approved this don’t live in the area, as a friend of mine said it’s enough to make you move.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration, said:

“This project will make it safer for people to walk, cycle and use local roads.

“There has been unavoidable disruption for local residents and motorists, but I genuinely believe that when the works have been completed and the changes have settled down, that all road users will be pleased with the


“It’s a new, innovative development and as such there may be associated teething issues, which we will work to identify and resolve.

“The Council is working in conjunction with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, Sustrans, the Bus Improvement Fund, Cycling Scotland and Transport Scotland on Bears Way.”