Anger continues over a ‘lack of consultation’

Brookwood Library and Villa which the council plans to sell
Brookwood Library and Villa which the council plans to sell

Bearsden residents have slammed the council for a lack of consultation over plans to sell Brookwood Library and create a new community hub.

Responding to comments made recently by Councillor Ashay Ghai that misinformation had been circulating on the council’s hub proposal, Robert Paterson from Bearsden, said: “The ‘misinformation’ is coming from East Dunbartonshire’s administration, including Councillor Ghai.

“We were not included in the consultation. Council officers told us the option had been chosen and there was little scope to change it, except minor tweaks to the layout.

“This is not consultation in any way shape or form.

“It’s also untrue that we did not want an enterprise centre set up within Brookwood.

“The sale of this valuable asset must be reconsidered.

“Council members tell us they could fill Milngavie Enterprise Centre three times over so in my opinion failing to set up an enterprise centre within Brookwood would be folly.

“Councillors should listen to their constituents for a change instead of playing party politics. They could bring jobs to Bearsden by opening an enterprise centre at Brookwood using the £300,000 they received from the housing development at the new Bearsden Academy site on Stockiemuir Road.”

Alan Oliver, a member of the hub consultation champions group, said: “Comments about misinformation really annoyed me as it’s the leadership who are circulating it.

“Bearsden people are upset about the sale of Brookwood Library without being told. It was never mentioned in the ‘so called’ consultation.

“I cannot accept that we have to sell the library to get the hub Bearsden deserves. Lennoxtown’s getting a £5.5million hub without the sale of any infrastructure. Bearsden has sold £26,972,000 of local infrastructure in the last seven years.

“The rest of East Dunbartonshire put together has sold £20,047,458.

“Why is Bearsden being treated so unfairly?”