Anger after flood engulfs garden

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GORDON LyoN was assured by council engineers five months ago that his flooding fears were over.

But it took Mother Nature less than 30 minutes to prove the experts wrong.

Now, furious Mr Lyon is demanding action so that his garden, and that of several neighbours in Golf View, Bearsden stays a flood free zone in future.

The 50-year-old sales director has lived in the street for six years and flooding is a “fairly regular occurance”.

But last Wednesday’s sudden downpour was the worst yet.

And the sawmill boss, who lives with his wife Carol in a three-bed home, declared: “We’ve had enough.”

He added: “We get flooding on a rairly regular basis in the winter and the road is generally impassable - but you certainly don’t expect something like this on July 4.

“This is absolutely unprecedented and it was over welly deep at the height of the incident.

“This time the water evaporated over night but it can take two or three days to clear in the winter. We are at a slight dip in the road and council officials send a team round to pump the water away.

“However, we are tired of seeing gardens submerged and the road impassable and the flooding has taken its toll on my garden steps. The rendering needs looking at.

“I’m no Percy Thrower and am a reluctant gardener. I’ve only got grass in my garden but my neighbours are much keener.

“I’m talking to my insurers following last week’s flood but this must be sorted. When we phone to complain we feel we’re being fobbed off. When engineers came earlier this year I spoke to them in the street. I asked if this issue had been cleared and they said yes - now it happens again.”

Keith Scrimgeour, roads manager at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “An investigation was undertaken in April and the drainage at Golf View was found to be running well.

“The flooding event experienced on July 4 overwhelmed all local drainage systems within the Bearsden area.

“This caused flooding on Golf View as the entire system could not cope with the short duration of intense rainfall.

“Golf View was visited after the event to check the drainage system was working and clear of debris and silt.

“There are plans to review the watercourse down stream of Golf View and to undertake investigations along its entire route.”

Golf View was not the only street affected. Residents in Conon Avenue also found their gardens under water.

Mr Scrimgeour said: “Persistent and torrential rain caused flash floods as the drainage system was overwhelmed.

“As the rain abated, water levels reduced quickly.

“There was a significant amount of flooding in Conon Avenue in Bearsden, where some front gardens were under water and the street was impassable.

“Fortunately, no homes were damaged.

“We are already working with Scottish Water on a flood alleviation plan for this site which will include the disused boating pond.

“When implemented this plan should greatly reduce the potential for flooding in this area.”

A questionnaire will be issued to the affected householders and Mr Scrimgeour said: “This will help us better understand the extent of the problems they face, to help us with the plan.

“Over the last week, officers attended this and a number of other flooding incidents across the area and worked closely with Strathclyde Fire & Rescue where appropriate to minimise damage and disruption to drivers and pedestrians.”