Allotment group has ambitious plans for growth in Strathblane

BLANE Valley Allotment Group (BVAG) is going to hold a public meeting tomorrow (Saturday) from 2pm to 4pm in the Village Club, Strathblane.

This follows its successful ‘Grow Local’ event at the beginning of September which attracted many people in the village who are keen to grow their own fruit and vegetables in community allotments.

This project is supported by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and the European Fund, LEADER which helps to reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint, tackles food poverty, provides an educational facility and promotes healthy eating.

Louise Macallister, development worker with BVAG, said: “The group has been liaising with the village since 2010 to create a project which takes all opinions into account.

“After the ‘Grow Local’ event it held three open surgeries for people to find out more and some very interesting concerns were raised which allowed the group to investigate problems and find solutions. Allotment rules have now been drawn up to reflect this.

“Although some people have been worried about safeguarding ‘village character’, the group, who live in the village, have designed the site with this in mind.”

The group says that the allotments will be barely visible from the village, with native planting along the site boundary encouraging local wildlife.

A survey has been taken to establish sightlines for those concerned and will be presented at the public meeting.

The group has also established links with Strathblane Primary School and nursery to encourage them to get involved so that children can learn where food comes from, about healthy eating and build intergenerational relationships within the village.

This will assist the school/nursery in achieving their first green flag from eco schools.

Planning permission is now being sought for this project and the organisers would like to appeal for everyone’s support as they believe the whole village will benefit.