Allander rail halt a step closer

A new Allander train stop has come a step closer after a rail pressure group submitted plans into the feasibility.

Railfuture Scotland have sent in detailed submissions to transport consultants AECOM in support of East Dunbartonshire Council’s request for the new rail halt between Milngavie and Hillfoot station, Bearsden.

Ken Sutherland, research officer for Railfuture Scotland believed the arguments and evidence supplied would offer a powerful boost towards authorisation of this additional station with adequate park and ride facilities.

Mr Sutherland said: “There was overwhelming public support for additional stations which would offer a convenient, competitive and sustainable alternative to ever rising levels of congestion and pollution from car commuting.

“There was a high level of ‘suppressed demand’ for train travel within the Bearsden and Milngavie area meaning that many more people wanted to travel by train but were frustrated from doing so by lack of more convenient, and easier accessed stations with adequate park and ride facilities.”

And he added that the evidence from other areas that have had new stations suggests that the actual usage of train services tended to be far higher than the original forecasts.

Mr Sutherland believed that an early AECOM recommendation for the Allander rail halt would be a much appreciated Christmas present for local communities and said: “With the creation of such improved travel opportunity there is an acknowledged boost to social mobility and local economic/employment opportunity. ”

Gordon Cox, convener of Bearsden North Community Council echoed these comments saying the benefit of a new rail halt near the Allander leisure centre would not only benefit directly the people of Milngavie and Bearsden but also those in the outlying areas of Strathblane, Killearn and beyond who regularly commute into Glasgow.

He said: “ The plan to put another station at the Allander has been on the cards for more than 10 years and it is long overdue.

“The existing line has seen a 30 percent increase in passenger numbers in the last couple of years.”