All Saints Church Bible challenge


Members of All Saints Church, Bearsden, (left to right) Jonathan and Sarah Sedgewick, Alex Stirling, Tom and Murray Sedgewick, rehearsed recently for one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by the congregation.

From 1pm on Sunday, September 18 until 11am on Sunday, September 25, there will be a reading of the entire King James Bible, all 66 books with a total of 1189 chapters, 90 hours’ reading in all.

The reading celebrates the Bible’s 400th birthday and will take place daily from 9am to 10pm, with refreshments being served throughout.

The event will also raise money for charity with 75 per cent of the proceeds going to the Famine in Africa DEF Appeal, the rest going to church funds.

A spokesperson for the church, said: “The King James Bible is one of the greatest works of literature ever written, and has been known and loved by generation after generation for four centuries. Don’t get left out of this unique event!”

All Saints is a small church, so outside help is crucial to be able to complete the reading. All ages from the youngest to oldest will be participating, reading a single chapter each. Everyone is invited to go along and share the experience of a lifetime.

Pick up a form from Purple Edge and choose which time or times you can manage, alternatively choose your favourite passage, and join the marathon challenge. Those who prefer to sit and listen will also be made most welcome.