All creatures great and small at Colquhoun Primary School, Bearsden

BEARSDEN. Colquhoun Park Primary School  Zoolab '29/11/13'RC
BEARSDEN. Colquhoun Park Primary School Zoolab '29/11/13'RC

Children at Colquhoun Park Primary School in Bearsden had great fun making friends with some wierd and wonderful creatures when educational company Zoolab visited the school recently.

Youngsters in the nursery class and P1 pupils got the chance to hold some giant snails and a variety of other creatures including some which are nocturnal.

They had a look at the effect lowered light and nocturnal living have on animals and their behaviour. They found out the answers to questions such as why do they choose to come out at night? What benefits does it have? Have they any special adaptations to allow them to live at night?

They also learned all about what they eat and how they survive in the wild as well as their lifecycles.

Zoolab’s minibeasts workshop provides a gentle introduction to the fascinating world of classification and introduces children to invertebrates.