All containers need a thriller, a filler and a trailer to look great

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Remind me never to plant Coreopsis Early Sunrise again. They may be delightful double golden yellow daisy-like flowers with an RHS award, but crikey, the dead-heading!

They have been used in all the square black containers and they did give a lovely strong haze of yellow throughout the village, to give them their due.

However, something to bear in mind when planting en masse is the maintenance and it’s a case of the lower the better. One lives and learns.

Beautiful Scotland judging looks at the use of sustainable plants and not just annuals which have to be replaced every season.

This is a good method to follow as it means lower maintenance.

The black planters already have ivy trailing lushly, some small shrubs and various bulbs waiting to pop up in the spring. Gaps are filled in with seasonal colour. This year our growing team has produced hundreds of plants, from seeds and plugs, including bidens, nepeta and bacopa as well as alyssum, rudbeckia, gazania, geranium and matricaria.

Scale and impact are important too.

As Joyce, one of our stalwart members, is very fond of saying, “All containers need a thriller, a filler and a trailer”.

It’s true, and some of the plants we’ve used perform a dual role, either filling and trailing or trailing and thrilling.

At the moment we have some beautiful fuchsias providing both thrills and trails and some bright blue ageratum doing a marvellous job of filling and thrilling.

But enough of this! It’s not always about flowers. Down at the salmon ladder we have two very large barrels planted with fruit, vegetables and herbs.

They are looked after by Betty, who has recently joined us. She loves the site and often sees otters and heron in the river. long with Alpine strawberries, thyme and sage there are marigolds and nasturtiums, both of which have edible flowers.

Betty adds the marigold flowers to soup at the last minute and uses nasturtium flowers in salads.

There’s also a crop of rainbow chard, which is cooked like spinach, as well as mangetout with purple pods.

Go and take a look and feel free to help yourself.

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