Afro duck mystery case is quacked

afro duck on kilmardinny
afro duck on kilmardinny

THE mystery of how the ‘afro duck’ arrived at Bearsden’s Kilmardinny Loch has been solved at last.

We reported the unusual sighting at the beginning of April after a Bearsden birdwatcher called us to say that he’d seen what he believed to be a Crested Pekin on the water.

Norman Kennedy from Roman Court, Bearsden, the Scottish Ornithologists Club counter for Kilmardinny Loch, received about 38 phone calls from people who were astonished to see this breed of duck with a distinctive puffball on its head.

Mr Kennedy thought that the bird, pictured right, which originates in South America, may have arrived on the loch with a flock of wild Mallard ducks - although he said it was unlikely that it had come all the way from South America as it’s too far for it to fly.

He believed the duck had probably escaped from a collector or breeder in the area.

It turns out that he was right as the former owner of the duck, a breeder, contacted the paper to explain that he set it free on the loch.

Victor Gren from Milton in Dumbarton had a pair of the Crested Pekin ducks which he intended to breed however they were attacked by a dog and only the male one survived.

He said: “I couldn’t breed him and it seemed cruel to keep him on his own so I decided to take him to Kilmardinny Loch as a friend had told me it was a nice place for ducks.

“He can’t fly far but he can escape from dogs by taking to the water.

“I was amused to see the article in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald - I didn’t realise this would cause such a lot of interest in the area!”