Advice: Get ready for winter travel and stay safe on roads

Get ready for winter
Get ready for winter

Winter is on the way and East Dunbartonshire Council is urging residents to start thinking about how to stay safe while out and about.

Before setting off - check weather forecasts, tell someone where you are going and make sure your mobile phone is fully charged. For those who drive, you should prepare your vehicle. Ideally, get your car a winter service if not: check the anti-freeze and oil levels, check lights are working, make sure your car has plenty of windscreen wash, to the right winter concentration and wiper blades are working.

Check tyre treads – they may save your life in poor conditions, get your brakes checked and make sure you have a warm blanket, emergency food/drink, torch, shovel, de-icer and scraper, tow rope and mobile phone.

Council Leader Rhondda Geekie, Convenor of Policy and Resources said: “Whether you travel by car, bike, public transport or on foot, you need to be prepared for bad weather. It is only five years since people were stranded all over Scotland by heavy snow and plummeting temperatures – some even spent the night in their cars.

“We obviously hope we don’t have such a severe winter this year, but we just don’t know, so we should take time to think about the journeys we make.”

Councillor Geekie added: “Packing these basic but essential items could literally save your life if you get caught out by bad weather. As a Council we are doing our bit – we have over 400 grit bins throughout East Dunbartonshire and residents are welcome to collect their own supplies from the Broomhill depot. Please bring your own shovel and container.

“You can also follow our daily forecast on our website, which will also say if we plan to send out our gritters that night. All of this information will help you plan your journeys better and stay safe on the roads.”

The ‘Ready for Winter’ campaign is a national initiative led by the Scottish Government, supported locally by partner organisations across Scotland. Its aim is to ensure that Scotland is better prepared for severe or prolonged winter weather this year, by providing information and advice for individuals, businesses and communities.