Actress Deirdre lands prestigious film award

Deirdre Murray on the set of 'Where Do We Go From Here?'
Deirdre Murray on the set of 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

A film with a Bearsden woman playing a leading role has won three awards at the Sydney Indie Film Festival and received eight nominations.

Worrying Drake Productions debut feature film ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ picked up Best Film, Best Score and Best Female Support for Bearsden actress Deirdre Murray during its world premiere at the Australian Film Festival on Sunday, October 25.

The micro-budget film, which had two producers Lauren Lamarr from Bishopbriggs and Andrew Lanni from Orkney, also had eight nominations over seven categories.

The company, headed up by multi-award winning writer and director John McPhail, also saw the film have its European and US premieres in the same week after being selected to screen at the Comedy Cluj International Film Festival in Transylvania, and the Orlando Film Festival.

Deirdre, played the part of ‘Nancy’ who the writer describes as ‘a little girl in an old woman’s body’.

The OAP said: “I had great fun playing this role, it was one of the nicest acting experiences of my life.

“It had a very talented crew and cast, there was a great sense of camaraderie between everyone and a lot of warmth.

“Most of us had hardly any sleep for weeks during the filming but the producers were very kind to the older members of the cast by running us to all the filming locations.

“The directors parents also supplied the catering so it felt very much like a family affair.”

One of the producers Lauren (32) from Springfield Road in Bishopbriggs, said: “It was an extremely challenging project because we did the shoot in just 16 days, usually it would take four to five weeks.

“We travelled to various locations including Loch Lomond, Glasgow and Falkirk and we did all the pre-production work around our jobs.

“Despite long hours it was a really brilliant experience and we are so grateful to everyone who helped to pull it together.

“John has gathered a bit of a following for his work so that’s why this latest work was so popular.”