Action group says cost of child poverty runs into millions

A leading pressure group has estimated that the cost of child poverty in East Dunbartonshire totals a massive £24 million every year.

The figures were recently released by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), following research carried out at Loughborough University.

The report estimates the amount spent by councils and other organisations on tackling the issue.

Alison Garnham, CPAG chief executive, said: “We always put our children’s needs first in family life, and we should do as a nation too.

“This research shows that policies which increase child poverty are a false economy, costing the country as well as poor children themselves dear.

“In the last three years families with children have had to bear the brunt of the austerity programme.”

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson said: “This is an appalling statistic and shows the extent to which the Westminster government’s austerity cuts are damaging children and the worst off in society.

“I totally agree with the Child Poverty Action Group that as a nation we should put our children’s needs first. This heartless Westminster government couldn’t be further removed from Scotland and will never put the needs of the most vulnerable first.”