Academic proves his metal in new book


A retired academic from Bearsden has published what is widely recognised as the definitive history of pewter in Scotland.

University of Glasgow professor Dr Peter Spencer Davies (76) has been interested in the metal for more than 40 years and has drawn heavily on his involvement with The Pewter Society in researching and writing it.

Dr Davies said: “This is the first comprehensive book written on the history of pewter in Scotland.

“Not much has been written on the subject because unlike gold or silver items, articles made of pewter were not kept for long periods of time. Pewter tended to be melted down and recycled.

“Because of this we don’t have the same record left of its original use.”

The book is Scottish Pewter: 1600 – 1850. It is hoped the book will be bought by antique dealers and those interested in the role pewter played in medieval Scottish history.

Dr Davies added: “This book is for a niche market and written as the standard reference work on a forgotten history of Scotland.

“Pewter was used in church and homes for plates and sauces in commerce. Any liquids sold had to be measures and the containers were often made of pewter.

The book is beautifully illustrated with many intricate pictures throughout showing the different styles and use to which the metal was put.

The book costs £55 and is available from Milngavie Book Shop and online at Amazon.