Abandoned snake makes a great family pet for Milngavie girl

Graeme wilson with corn snake
Graeme wilson with corn snake

A snake which was abandoned in a pet shop has become a much-loved family pet for one Milngavie family.

The corn snake, now four years old, was left on a shelf in the Clarkston branch of Creature Comforts, which also has a shop in Milngavie.

The daughter of the owner of the shop, Emma Wilson, who was three years old at the time, decided that she’d like to adopt it and called it ‘Niblets’.

Her dad Graeme, said: “I was very surprised to find the snake in the shop and immediately knew it wasn’t ours as we weren’t selling snakes at the time.

“Emma fell in love with it instantly - children have no fear at that age.

“Straight away she decided that it would be her pet.”

Graeme says often people buy an exotic pet and then realise they don’t know how to look after it properly or can’t afford it so they abandon it somewhere.

He always makes sure that prospective buyers know what they are getting into when they choose a pet, he added: “We are currently selling Chilean rose tarantula spiders which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

“Many people are frightened of them as they think they bite but generally they won’t touch you unless you frighten them.

“Their bite is not very poisonous anyway - it’s the equivalent of a bee sting.”

Creature Comforts also sells tortoises which live until they are about 70 to 100 years old if properly loooked after.

Graeme explains: “It’s very important that they have the right environment - we have UV heat lights for them and feed them their proper diet.”