Abandoned Bob gets new home in Torrance

Bob heads home with new owner Aileen Campbell
Bob heads home with new owner Aileen Campbell

A DOG that was left to drown in a river in Milngavie last month has begun a happy life with his new owners.

The tri-coloured collie was rescued from the Allander on January 13 by a Bearsden woman who was out walking her own dogs at the time.

He was trapped by a chain which was stuck in rocks in the middle of the river and Emma Seaton bravely scrambled down the steep embankment to reach him and set him free.

After being taken to the Scottish SPCA rehoming centre in Milton, where he was named Bob by staff, he has now been adopted by Neil and Aileen Campbell from Torrance and their two children Euan (14) and Jennifer (7).

They were moved by his plight after reading the story about him in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald.

Neil (42), said: “I’ve owned collies for about 30 years, I used to be a shepherd in the Highlands.

“I think they are fantastic dogs and Bob is great - he is a real character, quite unique.

“He’s a very content dog, friendly and intelligent, and is settling in well.

“He already feels like part of the family.

“As he’s been an outdoor dog he’s very scared of the TV and children’s plastic toys.

“We’ve been taking him out for lots of walks and introduced him to cows and sheep but he doesn’t seem too interested in them.

“He likes playing shinty with me - I hit the ball away and he brings it back.

“The children love him and he’s becoming more confident and coming out of his shell.”