A unique chamce to take a tour of Bearsden’s Beatson Institute

Scientists and doctors leading the charge in the fight against cancer are set to share their life saving research at a free open day.

Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute in Bearsden is playing a key part in the Glasgow Science Festival by throwing open their doors to visitors on Saturday, June 7,between 10am and 2pm.

Places are still available on 30 minute laboratory tours which showcase just some of the pioneering research underway to beat cancer sooner.

Kirsteen Campbell, event organiser, said: “I work with lots of inspiring and dedicated cancer researchers, nurses and doctors.

“We’ll be giving folk the opportunity to see what cancer looks like, how it behaves in the body and hear about cancer in a way that I hope will help people understand what we know and what progress is being made.

“Every year, tens of thousands more people are surviving cancer a decade after diagnosis, showing that we’re gradually reversing the tide on this devastating disease. This is thanks to the work of our scientists and doctors, but none of it would be possible without the generosity of the public, whose donations we rely on to fund all our research.”

New figures reveal that 50 per cent of people diagnosed with cancer today in the UK will survive the disease for at least 10 years.* In the early 1970s just a quarter of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK survived 10 years.

Now Cancer Research UK has set out an ambitious new strategy to accelerate progress with the ambition that three-quarters (75 per cent) of all cancer patients diagnosed in 20 years time will survive at least 10 years.

Visitors to the open day at Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute will have the chance to take a cheek swab and examine their own cells under a microscope. There will also be a fascinating display pinpointing key discoveries over the decades along with where they sit with other major world events like man landing on the moon for the first time.

Cancer Research UK spends more than £24million a year in Glasgow on some of the UK’s leading scientific and clinical research. Scientists at the Beatson Institure are exploring how cancer cells grow, survive and spread.

They are also studying the fundamental processes that allow cells to develop into cancer. They are investigating the molecular changes that happen in normal bowel cells that ultimately lead to cancer. Finding out more about this process will help scientists to find new ways to prevent and treat the disease.

Bearsden is home to a thriving community of world-class cancer scientists and doctors, who are working to reduce the devastating impact of this disease, not only locally, but around the world. Our scientists in Glasgow first manufactured the brain cancer drug, temozolomide. Thousands of people now benefit from treatment with this drug worldwide.

The laboratory tours at Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute, Switchback Road, G61 1BD are only open to people aged 16 or above and are held at 10.30am, 11.30am and 12.30pm. Children are welcome to attend the rest of the open day. To book a lab tour go to http://www.glasgowsciencefestival.org.uk/