A n-ice change of career for Jack!

Antarctic Jack
Antarctic Jack

Jack Gordon confesses his family thought he was mad when he quit his job as a burger assistant to become a janitor – in the Antarctic.

But two months on, the McDonald’s employee from Lenzie said they are now “proud” of his new post at the British Antarctic Survey base in the South Pole.

The 21-year-0ld beat more than 120 applicants who applied for the position at the remote research post.

The former Lenzie Academy pupil told the 
Herald: “My family thought I was a bit mad for wanting to come all the way here 
but they now see it was an amazing step.”

Jack is the youngest employee there, and works as both a night watchman and maintenance man.

He said: “I worked at the Robroyston branch of McDonald’s. I felt it was a dead-end job and I decided to apply for the post in the Antarctic to do something a bit different.”

Jack started his six-month stint at Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island in October and works 13-hour shifts, six days a week.

He said: I’ve gone from a busy McDonald’s to the quietest place on earth.

“The silence is deafening. When I do the night watch I am the only one awake in a base of more than 60 people.”

Since arriving at the site, 1,155 miles south of the Falkland Islands, Jack has climbed polar mountains and scuba dived in the freezing sea.

He said: “I also enjoy cross-country ski-ing on my day off. It’s beautiful here. There is no place like it. I am very lucky to be here, let alone be paid!”

Temperatures at the research base frequently reach -20C and it is surrounded by penguin colonies, seals and humpback whales.

Jack says his mum, Heather, was a bit worried 
after learning the nearest hospital is five hours away in Chile.

He said: “She is like all mums, but I have told her we are under strict orders to stay safe because the terrain can be dangerous.”