A look through the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald archives

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50 years ago

Three Milngavie schoolgirls were so successful in their fundraising efforts that they managed to donate nearly £100 to Cancer Research.

Diane Logie, Christina Andrews, and Moirs Jamieson had held two table top sales.

In the first it raised over £52 and a subsequent one at St Andrew’s Church Hall in Milngavie raised £45 seven shillings and one pence.

The girls, who were all from Bearsden Academy, got the idea of working for Cancer Research when they went to a small back-garden sale and realised that cancer research was a field where little progress had been made.

The girls had spent a couple of weeks getting items from people in the district to sell at the sale.

40 years ago

People living near the Falloch Road area of Milngavie’s Mains Estate were please when the Lawrence Construction Company gave guarantees they would sort out problems with flooding following construction work on the site.

The householders said the flooding was a health hazard and danger to young children.

A stagnant pool had developed which was getting bigger and it was estimated the flooding was several feet deep.

On resident said: “I think everyone on the estate is very pleased. The firm have dug a trench through the woods in an attempt to drain the flooding.”

The company had also agreed to remove some dead trees following a general survey of the area.

30 years ago

More than £100,000 earmarked for use on council houses in Milngavie and Bearsden will not now be spent because of a government ruling.

In the past local authorities were able to carry forward 10 per cent of the housing allocation from one year to the next.

Milngavie and Bearsden had anticipated getting 10 per cent from the previous year’s allocatin, but they had been told the money will now now longer be available.

The money would have been spent on a range of home improvements including cavity wall insulation, lead pipe renewal, and window replacement in Ashburn Gardens, Milngavie.

Councillor Des McGarry said the lost money had come from the reduction in council houses because they were being sold off.

20 years ago

A survey into ways of improving Milngavie town centre were to be discussed by councillors.

Two reports drawn up by surveyors CRGP recommended a number of action points that were to be discussed by the council.

Among these were: the possible appointment of a town centre manager; the installation of close circuit television to help prevent crime and deter vandalism; banning disabled drivers and cyclists from the precinct and marking the West Highland Way as an internationally recognised tourist attraction.

The region’s roads bosses were also to be asked for their help with the scheme, especially the problem of disabled parking in the precinct. The council said it would set aside dedicated parking areas for disabled use.