A little help for Tesco


THE people have set out the terms under which they will allow the expansion and overhaul of Milngavie’s Tesco store.

A group representing communities in Milngavie, Bearsden and Strathblane have revealed their vision of how the new shop should look - and how it would fit into the area. This is part of a consultation process now underway which will determine how Tesco operates at its Gavin’s Mill site.

The multi-national was sensationally defeated in its bid to create a monster new store in Milngavie.

Tesco was beaten back by a cross-community alliance alarmed at the scale of their plans and the impact they might have on the town.

After a bitter battle, the superstore giant was humbled and sent off to lick its wounds.

It is obliged to consult on its next move - after insisting that redevelopment will go ahead, though not on the scale previously proposed.

Now, community group We Like Milngavie - which sprang up to oppose Tesco - along with traders, residents’ associations and community councils across Milngavie, Bearsden and Strathblane have set out how they would like the superstore to proceed.

They have produced a document - A Store That’s Right For Milngavie - which will form part of the consultation process.

It states: “Through the new planning consultation process, Tesco has a unique opportunity to develop and then maintain creative relationships with the people of Milngavie, Bearsden and the surrounding area, on whom the profitability of their store depends.

“The Gavin’s Mill site, at the historic core of Milngavie, is highly sensitive. It is encircled by the town centre conservation area, with its listed buildings, and by Lennox Park. Originally part of this park, the site is entirely surrounded by trees.

It is bisected by the Allander Water, a key wildlife corridor, and the Allander Way, a walking/cycling route of regional importance. Historic buildings in the vicinity are small in scale.

“Tesco now wish to ‘deliver a store that’s right for Milngavie’. It is essential that any re-development should protect and enhance both the special character of the surroundings and the vitality and viability of Milngavie town centre.”

The document sets out eight areas which must be adressed.

See this week’s Herald for full details.