A festival of fun to welcome the baton through Bearsden

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Bearsden’s very own celebration of the Commonwealth Games Baton passing through the town was marked with a festival of fun.

The Bearsden Festival’s Gallus Games, organised by New Kilpatrick Church in partnership with local traders and organisations took its own cultural slant on the Games.

Everything from hame-i’l-dae-me obstacle races to jeelie piece flinging was enjoyed by all ages as people got into the spirit of things in Bearsden Primary School’s playground.

Local traders offered breakfast to all those who had just seen the baton pass by on Saturday July 19.

Tom Binns, local artist, provided the first of a series of pianos dotted along the baton route throughout East Dumbartonshire and it was in constant play throughout the whole of the Gallus Games.

Most importantly more than a hundred Gallus medals were won by contenders and spectators and an acknowledgement booth recorded a vast array of people’s sentiments on the day.

Main organiser Cathie Friend, said:“It is a wonderful sight to see so many generations of families coming along and trying things they’d never tried before. It has produced a lot of fun and laughter and a great excuse to be out with your family.”

Echoing these comments games organiser Jane Gordon, added: “I’ve seen a lot of people come along who haven’t seen each other in a long while and spending 20 minutes or half an hour, catching up and sharing a coffee.”

Roddy Hamilton, the chair of Bearsden Festival said, “People don’t need much of an excuse to find ways to come together and enjoy themselves and feel part of a community, they just need the invitation. Today we’ve used the baton and the Commonwealth Games to find a creative way to invite people to discover what the legacy of the games could lead to”

The next festival will be on August 23 and the idea is to turn the weekend papers into a live edition along with a big societies fair for local organisations to show the common wealth of the community.

People are invited to join in whether they are from games clubs to flower clubs, choirs to youth groups. If any local Bearsden organisation would like to take part contact the festival at info@bearsdenfestival.org.uk. For more information go to bearsdenfestival.org.uk. o