11th hour bid to save Brookwood Library

Bearsden, Brookwood Library.
Bearsden, Brookwood Library.

An Independent Bearsden councillor launched an 11th hour bid to get council chiefs to reconsider moves to sell-off Brookwood Library and Villa.

Duncan Cumming attempted to persuade members of all political parties in the council chambers to debate the sale of the library and villa, which has proved to be unpopular with many local residents.

Mr Cumming says councillors should have looked at other alternatives at last week’s full council meeting.

He said: “Unfortunately, I was not successful in my attempt to have the matter of the sale of Brookwood Library and Villa to be revisited, discussed and subsequently voted upon.

“It would have also given everyone the chance to discuss the plans for Bearsden Hub, which has an allocated £3.3 million for the development.

“I needed to get 16 votes out of 24, but sadly I only got 10, with the Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour councillors voting en masse against.

“This was a further opportunity for the ruling administration to reconsider and reverse this ridiculous and outrageous decision of selling off Bearsden’s family silver.

“Tragically they ignored me and nine other councillors. More importantly they have ignored the people of Bearsden, who believe they have not been adequately consulted.”

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “The administration did not revisit this because we’d already had a long debate and vote on the subject previously, which included Councillor Cumming .

“We acknowledged that although we did take on board the views of the local community on what should be prioritised, perhaps the feedback should have been given to the champions group prior to the meeting rather than after.

“The council has agreed considerable capital investment in Bearsden Hall and Kilmardinney House, with future investment at the Allander Leisure Centre to improve the buildings, and reduce the revenue spend elsewhere in the area. The accusation of selling the family silver does not give a true reflection of what is happening across East Dunbartonshire and our struggle to contain our budget revenue pressures.”