1,100 people say - don’t close Bearsden Primary!

Bearsden Primary - parents protesting about the closure'Photo Emma Mitchell'11/12/12
Bearsden Primary - parents protesting about the closure'Photo Emma Mitchell'11/12/12

MORE than 1000 people have signed a petition to save Bearsden Primary from the axe.

East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) has run up against massive opposition to its plans to merge the historic school with Castlehill Primary on the Castlehill site, 1.5 miles away.

However, campaigners for the retention of the school have provided the council with a detailed formal response on the issue that provides the educational, economic, health and environmental reasons why they believe Bearsden Primary should continue to be located at Bearsden Cross.

They describe how Bearsden Primary today has the right ethos, providing an effective learning environment that meets all the attributes of Curriculum for Excellence.

The school operates efficiently (and near to capacity) with the cost per pupil at £2,962,53 in 2011/12, significantly below the EDC average of £3758 in 2010/11.

This view has now been supported by nearly 1,100 people through an online petition.

Adele Crothall of the Save Bearsden Primary campaign said: “The fantastic response to our online petition is further evidence that the schools issue is concerning to everyone in our community, not just parents of children at the school.

“We hope that the East Dunbartonshire Council and our elected councillors continue to listen and respect the views voiced in, not only this petition, but within our response to the consultation and the recent Bearsden North Community Council meeting.”

Last week Friends of the Earth Scotland spoke out after an independent report found that shutting the area’s biggest primary and moving its pupils to Castlehill would mean up to 200 more cars on the roads at peak times - increasing fumes from traffic.

Prior to that Ian Blackford, head of financial consultancy company First Seer and former MD of Deutsche Bank, warned of a “catastrophic” impact on businesses at Bearsden Cross if Bearsden Primary was closed.