Fresh advice to deal with encampments

Clearer and more practical advice for local authorities on how to manage unauthorised camping by Gypsy/Travellers has been published by the Scottish Government

Wednesday, 5th April 2017, 12:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:58 pm
Clearer advice on dealing with unauthorised Traveller camps has been published by the Scottish Government.

The revised guidance, which includes best practice and case studies on dealing with unauthorised sites, balances Gypsy/Travellers rights to their traditional way of life with the need for responsibility and regard for others.

The guidance is based on the principles of managing unauthorised sites to minimise disruption and an expectation of the same standards of behaviour from all - Gypsy/Travellers and the settled population living around such a site. Its development has involved wide-ranging discussions and input from councils across Scotland, Police Scotland, Gypsy/Travellers and equality groups.

Kevin Stewart, Local Government Minister, said: “We are working toward a Scotland where the benefits of a multi-cultural country are recognised and celebrated. Gypsy/Travellers have a right to their traditional way of life, but that right must be exercised responsibly and balanced against the rights of the wider community. This revised guidance supports that approach.”