A trip down memory lane in Herald archives

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People in the Westerton area of Bearsden were annoyed at the lack of health clinic facilities in the vicinity.

The Westerton a District Ratepayers’ Association issued a strongly worded letter to Dunbartonshire Country Clerk ‘deploring’ a delay in re-introducing welfare clinic facilities.

The letter signed by the associations secretary David Landale pointed out that since the let of the old bowling club had expired, which was used as a temporary clinic, no other sight had been found.

It was also pointed out that Westerton had grown in population with some 600 new homes already built and 300 planned.

Mr Landale said he felt the people of Westerton were entitled to some medical cover.


Discussion were underway into the feasibility of changing the boundaries of the district.

A group of 30 councillors and officials from the Central Region were in Milngavie to look at the current boundary between the burgh and Stirlingshire at Mugdock Reservoir.

There were a number of proposals on the table by the Boundary Commission when the councillors visited, including placing parts of Stirlingshire in the Bearsden and Milngavie District.

The implications of this would have been to place around 70 people from the Central Region based in Stirling, into the Strathclyde Region centred in the Glasgow area.

This would have had a knock on effect on schooling for children in the area.


The £40,000 conversion of Milngavie Old Parish Church into an arts activity centre moved a step closer after the community council backed the proposal.

Milngavie Community Council produced a brochure aimed at people wanting to invest in the project.

In a report compiled by one of the members of the working group, Mr Round, he said the idea was for the old church to become an activities centre for rehearsal, training and resources in the artistic, educational and community development field.

The report added: “It is not the intention to make the building into a place of public performance, but rather to use the space in as flexible a way as possible.”


An inquiry was underway at Bearsden Academy after an alleged assault by a pupil left a teacher house bound.

Staff at the school say they were annoyed that the authorities tried to initially hush-up the incident, but police were eventually brought in and a high-level education department probe was launched.

It was understood a third year boy struck the teacher on the back of the neck with an unspecified implement.

The member of staff had damage to the top of her spine, was unable to drive or do housework and found it difficult to walk.

One teacher who asked not to be names said at the time: “Parents should be made aware that there are problems of teacher intimidation and appalling behaviour at Bearsden Academy.”