David’s going bald for the Teenage Cancer Trust

David and Violet
David and Violet

A kindhearted young man who is recovering from cancer is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust by getting his hair shaved off this weekend.

David Fraser (20) from Bearsden will lose all his hair at a Halloween charity ball that he’s hosting on Saturday, October 29 at Windyhill Golf Club, Bearsden.

David Fraser

David Fraser

He wanted to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) because they helped him through his illness.

David was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2014, when he was just 18 years old.

He broke his leg during a football game and doctors discovered that it was completely snapped and carried out further investigations.

They discovered an eight inch tumour in his leg and he had an operation to remove his entire femur and the surrounding muscles to maximise his chance of surviving.

A metal rod was inserted to replace his femur and he also had to endure a harsh course of chemotherapy which made him very ill.

His girlfriend Violet said: “He lost all his hair and lost loads of weight.

“He got terrible, painful ulcers in his mouth and struggled to eat or even drink water, he could barely speak sometimes.

“It was terrible to see him so ill.”

Violet immediately moved back from Edinburgh, where she had just started studying for a degree in teaching Physical Education at University, when David was diagnosed with cancer.

She said: “He was just about to start work in a bank but that had to be put on hold.

“My first thought was to get home and go and see him.

“It was wierd and very frightening, I thought he’s too young to have cancer and why him?”

David, who used to play with Baljaffray Thistle Football Club, spent over a year in The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre receiving treatment where he was supported by the TCT.

They had a special unit within the hospital with a pool table, kitchen, TV and DVDs. There were also TCT staff on hand to offer advice and support to David and his girlfriend.

David from Dryburgh Road, said: “Without the TCT I firmly believe that my journey through cancer would have been so much more arduous.

“Now in remission I want to raise money for those who are currently in treatment.”

If you can’t make it to David’s Halloween party but you’d still like to donate please visit his justgiving page - go to justgiving and search for David Fraser.