Council-run day care centre in Kirkintilloch sees charges rise from £15 a week to £15 A DAY

A council-run day care centre in Kirkintilloch is having its charges changed from £15 per week to £15 per DAY.

The price hike affects Milan Day Care Centre, which provides services for people aged over 60.

It predominantly cares for people from ethnic minorities and has a capacity for 32 people.

The price increase has angered local people, with East Dunbartonshire Ethnic Minority Forum co-ordinating a protest campaign.

Chairwoman Manjulika Singh said it was an “important issue for our ethnic elderly  vulnerable  group of people in the community.”

Susan Manion, Chief Officer of East Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “Given budgetary pressures, a review of charges had to be carried out and the result is a move from weekly to daily charges for day care and transport.

“When we reviewed the pricing we looked at what other councils do, and the new charges bring us closer in line with them.

“Whilst there is an increase in charges, systems are in place to ensure that no-one will be charged more than they are assessed as being able to pay.

“Many people use the service once a week and for them there is little impact but we have written to everyone to explain the changes and what to

do if they are worried about being able to afford the service.”

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson has praised the work of the Milan Day Care Centre in the past.

During a visit back in 2015, she said: “I really enjoyed meeting the residents at Milan, who all told me how well looked after they are by the excellent staff.

“They receive a wide range of support and the opportunity to get out, meet others and relax at the centre is invaluable for many of these adults. It is vital that there are good local social care services and Milan in Kirkintilloch thrives due to the selflessness and hard work of all the staff there.”