Holyrood committee hails Bearsden Academy a “good example”

Former pupil and now MSP commends Bearsden Academy.
Former pupil and now MSP commends Bearsden Academy.

Former Bearsden Academy pupil and West of Scotland Green MSP Ross Greer has commended his former school after a parliamentary report praised it for good practice.

The Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee’s report on PSE (Personal and Social Education), which was published this week, cites Bearsden Academy as a good example of involving pupils in designing the PSE curriculum.

This follows an evidence-gathering session of the committee which included Janet Westwater, Head of Guidance at Bearsden Academy.

The document cites the example of lessons covering the ‘sixth-year holiday’, which had been requested by senior pupils who wanted to be equipped with knowledge that would be useful for going away unaccompanied.

Greer, a member of the Education and Skills Committee and a former pupil of Bearsden Academy said: “Our report makes it quite clear that there are huge issues with the delivery of PSE across the country but Bearsden Academy stood out as a first-class example of best practise. On areas including LGBT-inclusion, co-design by pupils and employment rights, Janet Westwater was able to highlight great work the school is doing to equip all of their pupils with the essential life skills they need. I’m glad that our report was able to recognise that.”