MSP presses Aviva on job losses locally

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Local MSP Rona Mackay has spoken with the Senior Public Policy Manager at Aviva to ask for details on the possible impact of jobs in Bishopbriggs following the company’s announcement on redundancies.

Liz Chettleworth told Ms Mackay that the job losses at the insurance giant will take place over the next three years, but an announcement would be made about where and when as soon as possible.

She has agreed to update Ms Mackay with any developments and they have arranged to meet in October when more details may be forthcoming.

Ms Mackay said: “During my conversation I stressed that the uncertainty for workers at the Bishopbriggs plant was unacceptable and asked how long it would be before an announcement is made.

“Ms Chettleworth said that the company was working through the details just now, but she stressed that the 1800 redundancies would be made throughout their 33,000 global workforce.

“She said that they hoped to reduce the number of compulsory redundancies through retirement and by not refilling certain posts. She promised to keep me updated on any developments, such as what departments could be affected and what offices. I reiterated what a worrying time this was for employees.

“I will continue to press for updates before our meeting in October.”

Aviva, which employs more than 1000 people at Bishopbriggs, announced it is to shed the jobs over the next three years across the UK as part of an overhaul to save £300 million a year, part of a revamp by new chief executive Maurice Tulloch.