MSP demands Clydesdale U-Turn on Bearsden bank closure

Ross Greer MSP.
Ross Greer MSP.

West of Scotland Green MSP Ross Greer has urged Clydesdale Bank to reverse its plan to close its ‘vital’ branch in Bearsden.

The branch at 124 Drymen Road is one of a swathe of banks earmarked for closure in a controversial plan which puts jobs under threat,

Mr Greer made the demand in a parliamentary motion asserting solidarity with bank workers, and with communities deprived of what he argues is a vital local service.

He said: “It is impossible that a large bank like Clydesdale can close a third of their branches at once without real inconvenience and disruption for many of their customers.

“A bank branch is a vital part of many people’s community and people in Bearsden should not have to fear no longer having an easily accessible banking facility.

“I understand that there’s a move towards more digital banking but there are many people for whom that is not an option and these people need their local branches the most.

“I have written to Clydesdale Bank with these concerns and hope that, in conjunction with Unite the union we can work to find alternative solutions which protect local jobs and banking services”.