How much more do you need to earn to live in Bearsden than Milngavie?

How much do you need to earn?
How much do you need to earn?

A new survey has revealed how much you would need to earn per hour to live in Bearsden - compared to Milngavie.

While those living in the Milngavie G62 postcode will need an hourly rate of around £16.76, this jumps right up to £22.92 for the Bearsden G61 postcode, according to a study by

Both are much higher than nearby Kirkintilloch, where homeowners will need an average hourly wage of £12.52.

Each entry on the list represents a postcode and shows how much you’d need to earn per hour, week and year to buy a property there.

It’s based on a single person working a 37.5 hour week and mortgage repayments being 35 per cent of the income.

The company analysed the average house price in each of Britain’s 2,643 postcodes to find how much would be needed to be earned per hour to live in each area.

The average house price in the UK increased by £10,000 last year. The annual rise of 4.9 per cent outstrips the 2.6 per cent increase in wages in the last three months of 2016.

Planning a move elsewhere? Find out how much you’d have to earn on the Web-Blinds website, here.

G62: £16.76; £628.50; £32,682

G61: £22.92; £859.50; £44,694