Fire safety concerns at Bearsden pub

An East Dunbartonshire pub has been given 28 days to prove concerns about fire safety have been resolved.

The 55 Bar and Grill in Drymen Road, Bearsden applied to East Dunbartonshire Council for permission to extend its weekend hours in line with new policy, but a building standards report highlighted concerns regarding fire extinguishers in need of servicing and blocked fire exits.

This was discussed at a meeting of the Licensing Board on Thursday, April 25 in the council’s Kirkintilloch headquarters.

A representative for the bar explained that the fire extinguishers had been attended to. The fire exits had been blocked by furniture being moved after the bar closed and these were moved away from the fire exits the following morning – it had simply been the case that they were still in that position when the inspector visited in the the morning. Staff have been advised to prevent this problem in future.

The licensing committee decided to allow 28 days for the bar to provide evidence that building standards were now satisfied with these arrangements, and if so the requested change to opening hours – closing at 1am instead of 11.45 on Saturday and opening at 11am instead of 12.30pm on Sundays would be approved.