Elderly and vulnerable people will suffer most over closure of Milngavie TSB

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Elderly people will suffer most from the closure of the Milngavie branch of the TSB early next year, it has been claimed.

Local politicians have hit out at the decision.

Milngavie SNP MSP Gil Paterson said progress to online banking must not leave anyone behind, especially the elderly, who may not have 
access to online services.

He called on big banks to look at shared premises on 
local high streets to continue banking services.

West of Scotland Green MSP Ross Greer put forward a motion in the Scottish Parliament to express solidarity with workers whose jobs were under threat and with communities who will lost a vital local service.

Mr Greer, who is calling on the bank to reverse its decision, agreed and said: “It is impossible for a large bank like TSB to close so many branches at once without real 
inconvenience and disruption for many of their customers, particularly the elderly and those without internet access.

“Bank branches are a vital but rapidly disappearing 
feature of many communities.

“Residents in place should not have to fear losing an easily accessible banking facility.

“I understand that there’s a move towards more digital banking but there are many people for whom that is not an option and they need their local branches the most.”

Mr Paterson added: “I am disappointed to hear of this latest local branch closure.

“The nature of banking is indeed changing, with more and more people moving online but as we progress we cannot leave anyone behind.

“Local banking is an important amenity for vulnerable people, especially the elderly, who do not have access to online services.

“Perhaps the big banks could look at more innovative ways to serve their customers such as shared premises to provide banking hubs on our high streets or reciprocal arrangements could be made to provide banking services for elderly people.”

The closure at Milngavie is one of 17 planned closures of TSB branches across Scotland and 82 across the UK.

It will leave local customers having to travel to Bearsden Cross, a round trip of around four miles.

Milngavie councillor Jim Gibbons said he was not surprised at the news which he called “very worrying”

He said: “They have been running it down. When Santander closed down last year I tried to move to TSB as a local branch. The staff were very nice they directed me to their Clydebank branch.

“This is a very worrying trend for customers and staff.”