East Dunbartonshire property prices continue to surge despite Brexit fears

Property prices up again.
Property prices up again.

The price of family homes in East Dunbartonshire have risen by nearly a fifth in the last year - despite EU referendum uncertainty.

The latest house price report from the Glasgow Solicitors Property Centre (GSPC) shows that the average cost of a three-bedroom house in East Dunbartonshire now stands at £217,594, compared to £183,827 - an increase of 18.4 per cent.

In comparison, the average price of property in west central Scotland rose just two per cent in the same period - from £130,173 to £132,775.

And even sought-after flats in Glasgow’s West End have only risen by a more modest 8.8 per cent - from £143,401 to £156,068.

A GSPC spokeperson said that the figures “highlight that areas that are popular with families often see greater increases in average selling prices”.

Austin Lafferty, director of GSPC, said: “There has been no downward pressure on average selling prices in the full quarter following the outcome of the Brexit referendum.

“We have heard from our solicitor estate agents that the most cited barrier is the availability of homes to move to, and there continues to be a shortage of homes for buyers.

“This is evident with properties in west central Scotland selling for an average of 5.2 per cent over the asking price.”