Woman up for Courage Award

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A woman who’s survived cancer THREE times and set up a charity to help others with the illness has been nominated for an award for her courage.

Lynn has been nominated for the RBS ‘Scotland’s Real Heroes Courage Award’ for a new series on STV.

From a young age Lynn Murray from Drymen was a keen swimmer, representing Scotland at youth level. But one day, during a swimming session she stubbed her toe on the pool wall, a painful but seemingly everyday accident. But this led to various complications with her leg, and doctors eventually diagnosed bone cancer and broke the devastating news that her leg would need tobe amputated.

It was a harrowing time but Lynn battled through in the hope that she would never have to go through it again. However in 2005, Lynn, who is described as ‘Tyrant’ by her friends Heather and Beth who nominated her, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. And this year she had an operation to rid her body of cancer of the kidney.

Instead of being bogged down by all the knocks that she has taken in her life, Lynn put all her efforts into trying to ensure that others don’t have to face the same life-altering conditions.

In 2006, whilst still receiving chemo and radiotherapy treatments, Lynn and four friends, some of which were also receiving treatment, established ‘Think Pink Scotland’ with the sole aim of raising funds for breast cancer research at the Beatson Translational Research Centre.

The team set up with the aim of raising £10,000, but smashed that fairly early on and have now raised over £300,000 through various fundraising events.

Much of this money has gone into buying two pieces of equipment for cancer research at the University of Glasgow and Beatson Institute. These machines, located in the ‘Think Pink Lab’, help with the study of breast, colon, oesophageal, ovarian, thyroid, skin and kidney cancers.