We help to solve the mystery of dead ducks in Bearsden

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The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald helped to solve a mystery in Bearsden this week after a woman contacted us to say that she thought she’d spotted lots of dead ducks floating in a loch.

Barbara MacLeod from Bearsden sent us this photo which she took at 11am on Tuesday morning as she believed it was about 20 to 30 dead ducks floating in the water.

Mrs McLeod published this on a blog - “We noticed something rather strange on our walk to school on Tuesday at about 8.30am - a lot of objects floating in the water at the north east corner end of Kilmardinny Loch.

“I went back later with binoculars and my camera which has a telephoto lens. There were about 20 things floating - roughly the size of an adult hand.

“There were more on the south side shaped like little triangles, all the same.

“I’m guessing they are dead ducks as they are bigger than coots and smaller than geese.

“The other birds, including the resident mallards, were paddling about unconcerned and they were also feeding with their tails up and heads in the water.

“Why are there so many dead birds? It’s a mystery!”

However, one of The Herald photographers went to investigate and using a zoom lens they could see that they were probably just plants and not dead ducks.

When we told Mrs MacLeod, she said: “Oh thank goodness! That certainly solves the mystery!”

Have you seen these floating objects? Do you agree that they are probably plants of some kind?

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